Before You Consider Dog Training Read This

Do you want a better behaved dog?  The easiest way to get your dog to behave is to train him and if you aren’t quite sure how to do that yourself then enrol in some dog training classes that are taught by expert trainers.  There are plenty of methods that can help teach your dog basic command but look into them and see which ones work for you and your lifestyle.  But before you consider training your dog read this and learn some basics first.

Before You Consider Dog Training Read This

The Type of Dog You Have

Humans have been breeding dogs for thousands of year and this has given us hundreds of different breeds with different characteristics.  The type of dog you have can have an impact on their training.  Some dogs are cuddlers who love to please and others are more independent and aggressive.  Some dogs are really well suited for agility training while other dogs just want to sit on your lap.  Bear all of that in mind before you start training and talk with a trainer for the best way to deal with your dog.

Your Dog’s Name

Dogs need a practical name that is easy for them to learn.  Their name is how you’re going to get their attention during training classes and at home.  If you haven’t already then start using your dog’s name as often as you can while doing your daily routine.  Once they recognize their name they will look at you when you call them.  If you are in the process of teaching them their name then give them a small treat when they respond to the name.

Set Aside Enough Time for Training

In addition to any obedience classes that you go to you’re going to need to follow up with lessons at home.  If you have a puppy they have really short attention spans so you’re going to have to reinforce the lessons a couple of times a day at home.  You also need to be consistent with your dog throughout the day in rewarding good behavior and handling the bad.

Always Keep Calm

Your dog can sense your moods so when it comes to training your dog you need to keep calm and remain in control.  If you are excited or agitated then your dog is likely to be too and that makes it difficult to teach them.  Reward good behavior and not the bad.  It will take some time before your dog learns all of the commands but it will be worth the work in the end.