Houston Leash Training Services

Being a dog owner, it’s annoying to walk your dog if he keeps pulling on the leash. Training your dog on how to walk politely on a loose leash will help eliminate pulling during the walk.

Long walks offer mental and physical stimulus, as it allows your dog to discover and sniff out new smells while getting some exercise. Taking your dog on a walk helps them explore their environment, which is the key to their well-being. It can also help your dog’s digestion and make them sleep better at night. Sometimes it can be hard to say whose walking whom. Our leash training services are aimed at teaching your dog how to walk politely on a loose-leash.

Most of the dogs pull when on restraint, which makes walking both hostile, unsafe, and risky for both the dog and their owner.

At Dog Trainer Guru, we offer both private lessons and group classes. With leash training, dogs learn to walk graciously and are a pleasure to take out to enjoy exercise, freedom, and socialization. It also prevents certain medical issues from occurring, caused by the lack of exercise and behavior problems caused by not getting out for a walk daily. Our expert trainers use positive reinforcement and force-free training methods to teach polite leash walking.

If you want your dog to walk nicely on a leash, and not to jump all over your guests – Call Us Now!