Breaking the Barking Habit

Breaking the Barking Habit

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning and a car drives down your street and suddenly your dog is barking up a storm and the next thing you know everyone in the house is awake and the neighbors stop talking to you.  Sound familiar?  At this point you need to break the barking habit before you go crazy and teaching your dog the word “quiet” is the next command your dog needs to learn.

Why Your Dog Barks

Barking is normal in dogs it is how they get your attention and your dog will bark for a million different reasons.  It could be because they are frightened, they are excited or any of a number of reasons.  The why is less important than making it stop or at the very least bringing it under control.  Yelling at your dog to shut up or be quiet only reinforces the bad behavior and that is the last thing you want.  Here are some of the reasons your dog barks.

Teaching Your Dog to Stop Barking

Most dog training is about teaching dogs to do things and reinforcing good behavior, teaching dogs to stop doing something is a whole other thing.  This time, instead of positive consequences you need to apply a negative consequence and that is much trickier.  The last thing you want to do is hurt your dog but you have to follow this behavior with something they don’t like yet that won’t hurt them.  The solution…some breath spray.

The only tools that you need are a bottle of breath spray that you can grab from your local drug store.  Dogs do not enjoy the sound, smell or taste of breath spray and at the same time it won’t hurt your dog.  Now you need to connect the breath spray to whatever command you are using to tell your dog to be quiet.  This is a negative consequence to bad behavior that won’t hurt your dog.  So the next time your pooch decides to wake you at 5am you have a solutions.

How it Works

When the dog starts barking for no apparent reason you need to stop whatever you are doing and deal with it.  Firmly say the word quiet and spray the dog’s mouth with the breath spray.  Repeat it again if you need to do so, connecting the word quiet with the spray.  It really won’t take long for your dog to understand.  Once your dog learns the word quiet you won’t have to rely on the breath spray any longer.  After that once the dog quiets down then you can start using rewards for when the dog actually stops barking.

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