About Us

If you are looking for help training your dog in Houston, you have come to the right place!

Founded in 2007, Houston Dog Training Guru is a local company offering a wide variety of training services geared towards making your dog happy and obedient. Our advanced methods are designed to help you build a strong and pleasing relationship with your dog. Dog training starts with dog manners classes when your dog is only 8 weeks old. During all our classes, we use scientific and empirically proven techniques which involve supporting your dog’s right choices. If for some reason we don’t have someone in your areas, we will refer you to one of our local partners.

We also use treat rewards to introduce your dog to new behaviors. With the help of positive reinforcement methods, your dog will start obeying you and will be eager to learn more. This kind of passion is why we encourage dog owners to take their relationship beyond simple obedience. We strive to offer customized training packages as well as a private lesson for dogs of all ages.

Our good manners class is an ongoing obedience session offering ultimate flexibility designed for busy owners. Each level introduces new skills including sit, stay, loose, leash walk, potty training and more. Every puppy training class provides you with information on house training and crate training. In case your dog struggles with problems related to anxiety, fear, or aggression, we can help you by providing a full assessment, as well as a detailed management and behavior modification plan. Our flexible training schedules allow you and your dog to attend classes at different times and days.

When you partner with us, we help you and your dog through each phase of the training process with a customized plan that meet your needs. We will also help you make certain that their obedience skills will last longer after they head back home to you. We pledge our commitment to offering you and your best friend with a positive, helpful, and inspiring environment for solidifying the human-animal bond!

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