Find The Best Dog Trainer In Houston

Dog Trainer Guru is a local company based in Houston, Texas. We have been providing professional training services to thousands of dog owners for more than 12 years. Whether you need help with basic commands, leash training or potty training, our highly expert trainers possess the skill set to give you and your companion positive outcomes you have been looking for.

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At Dog Trainer Guru, we only utilize the most advanced and effective dog training practices. In addition to basic level obedience training, there are also private lessons and group classes.

Benefits of Dog Training in Houston

Dog training offers dogs with basic good manners – from mannerly greetings when a guest arrives, to walk well on the leach, to coming when called. A well-trained and obedient dog is loved by all. Training can help maximize the joy you receive from your pet. It also improves the level of communication between you and your dog to strengthen your bond. We are among the best dog training facility in Houston to help you make your dog more courteous.

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Dog Training Facility in Houston

At Dog Training Guru, we understand the significance of a great relationship between you and your dog. Training is all about refining that relationship by helping you and your dog communicate efficiently. We are uniquely suited to help you learn vital skills through all phases of your pet’s development. Whether it’s about potty training, learning good manners or teaching aggression control, the goal for you is to relish a full life together.

Puppy Lessons in Houston

Dog Training Guru is intended to offer puppy lessons for those who have just brought home a new pup. Early puppy socialization is an essential component of raising a healthy dog.
The ideal way to do this is through well-run customized lesson plans. These puppy classes are designed to teach basics including loose leash walking and obeying commands. It also covers potty training, chewing, teething, digging and much more.

Dog Potty Training Services in Houston

Potty training a dog often takes patience, kindness, and planning. Teaching your dog to potty at the right time and place is one of the most vital steps you can take for a long and happy life together. All dogs can be trained to the toilet outside, but this is not something most will do automatically – they need us to show them that this is the right thing to do. Crate training is an ideal and effective way to house train your dog. Crate training makes it simple to oversee your dog and to prevent him from having broad access to the house.

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Dog Training Cost in Houston

Whether you choose private lessons, group classes or a customized lesson plan, dog training costs vary based on the selected package. Pet owners first need to ask about what kind of services are included in the training cost before spending money. Dogs have behavior problems could cost more than $100 an hour. Our puppy training classes are for dogs 2-5 months old. These classes will help them socialize and learn basic commands.